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Season 3 : Alakabul – Iteration

From the pages of Book of Malfeasance:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was One Above, it has been said. Well, who said the Word in the first place then? Despite our great age and wisdom, why can’t we know this?” asked Gregorius to the court, then turned the key on the wondrous coil-up gadget in his hand three times. When he raised his hand, the gadget took wing and started to fly around the court while singing like a real nightingale it was formed to look like. Even the most jaded ones in the court were affected by his wonders, with which he gave life to the unliving… This nightingale was not an exception. Escorted with the polite, perhaps somewhat envious but definitely sincere clapping, the nightingale landed in front of Michael’s Window, and continued singing until the key on its back stopped turning. Gregorius bowed his head, and continued speaking: “If there is any miracle, it does not lie with me, reverent eldest brethren. I am a simple reader of the Book of Lokman….

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