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Istanbul Geceleri (Nights of Istanbul), İG for short, is a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) organization based in İstanbul. Our organization started its first preparations back in 2012 and produced its first game at 2013. Since then we have prepared both long term campaigns, with regular schedules and enclosed, one shot games. As İG team we have more than twenty players currently, in addition we have provided pleasure and fun to more than forty players, including those who attended once, or for a short term.

Istanbul Geceleri (Nights of Istanbul, Istanbul by Night) that carries the same name as our organization is also the name of our so-called flagship game: A vampire themed campaign run with translated Mind’s Eye Theater (MET) rules that started back in 1970’s in-game and slowly reached the current date over the course of the first season. Our primary storyteller team is currently formed by three people, and we aim to increase this number as our number of players rise.

As İG team, one of our primary aims is to produce an harmonic game where all the players can have pleasurable memories altogether, without being tangled by linguistic problems or expectation of being an experienced player that are all too common in live-action games. One common point of our games is, our players characters always know all the languages their players know, which gives us the chance to welcome and accomodate players who have no Turkish skills. For 2016, our plans to realize include, in expected order: İG: Izmir by Night, last session of İG: 2. Season: Grand Ma, İG: Tulip Period, İG: Orient Express and İG: 3. Season.

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